Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Blog is Back in Buisness!

Hey people!

My blog is back in buisness! I finally decided to start back up my blog again! I used to love updating this thing! I plan to post this on facebook, so look out world! Here I go!!!!!

I am sorry for not posting for so long, but since my computer blocked my blog I have a good excuse...I can't believe my last post was April! I mean for goodness sakes, I am twelve now! Suessical is OVER and I am in a new show called Meet Me in St. Louis. You guys have probably not heard of it because, well, it is old! (Sorry if I insulted you show! You don't look a day over 100!... ...oops!) I am just in the chorus, but it is still really fun! It is at the King of Prussia Players Club, so I get to perform with a real theater company! SO excited...!

Right now I am just relaxing after a long day of voice lessons, to Meet Me in St. Louis rehersal, to home. LONG hours of driving. Oh! Here's something you don't know...

...I am in a new, spiffy, performing arts school! (Hahaha! If you went to the school with me you would know what that had to be there...) It is called CPFA or Center for Performing and Fine Arts. Actually, I am auditioning for the school fall play there on Monday! FUN! I hope I get in. Well, if I got into that, AND I am auditioning for Once On This Island, that would be 3 shows at one time!

Got to go now!

Love you guys!

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