Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hey peoplez,
I am so sorry for no posting on my blog! Even though I have a really good excuse! :) See my computer BLOCKS my OWN blog. In fact, I'm on my Mom's computer right now waiting for my brother to be ready so I can correct his work. Sorry, again. I just hope there are still followers out there who like my blogging still. Take your time Samuel! ;)

Anyways, I am so excited for Seussical Jr.! I love my character Mrs. Mayor. She is really hysterical though. All of my castmates are really awesome too! I especially like this girl named Willow who plays the Grinch. She is really awesome and we have a lot of laughs. She is a really good singer and the understudy for Gertrude Mcfuzz. I also think that Sara (the person who plays Gertrude) and Anna (the person who plays Mayzie) are VERY good singers. I just think Anna could use a bit more confidence because I don't think she know that she is as good as she is.

Guess I MIGHT type to you later! Don't give up on me!

Lissy Quackypig

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