Thursday, October 28, 2010

Because of moving...

Hey guys...

Yup, that's right I'm moving! To San Antonio, Texas!!! :( So I didn't get to audition for the school play, AND I probably won't get to be in Once on This Island... :( :( :( But this blog is now strictly for my performing life so if you want to know about moving check out,

Anyway, we have been rehearsing at the theater EVERY NIGHT! Last night was a really late show because we had to run the whole thing AND get cast notes. And get this, my pants fell down on stage! I was supposed to be wearing a hobo costume, my dad's pants, shirt, and tie, and I had to close pin the PANTS together. When I was onstage, the close pin BROKE and I had to do the whole kids dance while desperately trying to hold up my pants! (Ahhhhh!) Also, a chorus girl that has a lot of extra scenes BROKE HER COLLAR BONE! (Nooooo!) All this and...a FULL costume, FULL makeup, FULL show conditions tonight!

Wish me luck!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Blog is Back in Buisness!

Hey people!

My blog is back in buisness! I finally decided to start back up my blog again! I used to love updating this thing! I plan to post this on facebook, so look out world! Here I go!!!!!

I am sorry for not posting for so long, but since my computer blocked my blog I have a good excuse...I can't believe my last post was April! I mean for goodness sakes, I am twelve now! Suessical is OVER and I am in a new show called Meet Me in St. Louis. You guys have probably not heard of it because, well, it is old! (Sorry if I insulted you show! You don't look a day over 100!... ...oops!) I am just in the chorus, but it is still really fun! It is at the King of Prussia Players Club, so I get to perform with a real theater company! SO excited...!

Right now I am just relaxing after a long day of voice lessons, to Meet Me in St. Louis rehersal, to home. LONG hours of driving. Oh! Here's something you don't know...

...I am in a new, spiffy, performing arts school! (Hahaha! If you went to the school with me you would know what that had to be there...) It is called CPFA or Center for Performing and Fine Arts. Actually, I am auditioning for the school fall play there on Monday! FUN! I hope I get in. Well, if I got into that, AND I am auditioning for Once On This Island, that would be 3 shows at one time!

Got to go now!

Love you guys!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hey peoplez,
I am so sorry for no posting on my blog! Even though I have a really good excuse! :) See my computer BLOCKS my OWN blog. In fact, I'm on my Mom's computer right now waiting for my brother to be ready so I can correct his work. Sorry, again. I just hope there are still followers out there who like my blogging still. Take your time Samuel! ;)

Anyways, I am so excited for Seussical Jr.! I love my character Mrs. Mayor. She is really hysterical though. All of my castmates are really awesome too! I especially like this girl named Willow who plays the Grinch. She is really awesome and we have a lot of laughs. She is a really good singer and the understudy for Gertrude Mcfuzz. I also think that Sara (the person who plays Gertrude) and Anna (the person who plays Mayzie) are VERY good singers. I just think Anna could use a bit more confidence because I don't think she know that she is as good as she is.

Guess I MIGHT type to you later! Don't give up on me!

Lissy Quackypig

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey out there!!!!

Hey Guy's!

How are you all doing? I am feeling pretty great right now. I am so pumped for my performance in Seussical which is getting closer by the day. It is going to be in April the 24 and 25. Eep!!! So excited. :) Hope you all are still checking my blog and that you still like it. :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's finally finished!

Hey you guys!

The surprise is finished! Hope you guys like it! I give full credit to Emily Ludwig who taught me how to do this! :)

Hope this comes out ok! If it doesn't send me and email and I will get it to you! :)

Shh. . . its a suprise!

Hamster Fun!