Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post!! People now!

Hi People out there!

How are you doing?? OK, so I decided to put out a post on the things that you absolutely cannot live without! And I don't mean family, friends, food, water etc. I have come to think of those as necessity's. I don't want to hear any necessity's!! I want you guys to post like crazy on everything that matters to you and things that you CANNOT live without! For example, I can't live without music, or my computer! And those are just two things! I don't want to name too many thing because A: that would take forever and B: you guys would get completely bored. So post people! Post about what you can't live without!! I can't wait to read everything!

See Ya'll Later! :)


  1. Great blog...I'm an online friend of your moms. :) I can't live without my cell phone or my chapstick. Those are must haves for me.

  2. I cannot live without reading and walking. If I couldn't read I couldn't escape to fantasy and if I couldn't walk I would go stir crazy!

  3. Awesome blog you've got here!

    Art supplies! Paint, journals, sketchbooks, paintbrushes, scraps of paper, ink, I could go on and on! Can't live without them!

    Also internet access so I can read great blogs like yours and update mine.

    Carmen (an online friend of your mom)
    Check out my blog. I love comments too!

    P.S. I think you should consider a name change... Little Miss Soon to be Famous has a nice ring to it! Anything is possible! I love that you're reaching for the stars!!!


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