Thursday, October 28, 2010

Because of moving...

Hey guys...

Yup, that's right I'm moving! To San Antonio, Texas!!! :( So I didn't get to audition for the school play, AND I probably won't get to be in Once on This Island... :( :( :( But this blog is now strictly for my performing life so if you want to know about moving check out,

Anyway, we have been rehearsing at the theater EVERY NIGHT! Last night was a really late show because we had to run the whole thing AND get cast notes. And get this, my pants fell down on stage! I was supposed to be wearing a hobo costume, my dad's pants, shirt, and tie, and I had to close pin the PANTS together. When I was onstage, the close pin BROKE and I had to do the whole kids dance while desperately trying to hold up my pants! (Ahhhhh!) Also, a chorus girl that has a lot of extra scenes BROKE HER COLLAR BONE! (Nooooo!) All this and...a FULL costume, FULL makeup, FULL show conditions tonight!

Wish me luck!
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