Saturday, December 5, 2009

WOW! I haven't posted in FOREVER!

Hi guys!

OK, first I want to apologize for not posting every single detail of my life and waiting for a long time to tell you guys a bunch of cool things. Geez! The last time I posted was November 26!

ANYway, does anyone here live in PA because it is SNOWING! I feel like God opened a bucket and poured snow down on us! Right now my Mom and Dad are in the city for the weekend and then they are going to DISNEYWORLD!!! (sorry about all the caps, hehe) Without me! :( I hope they have fun anyways but they better bring me back something!!! LOL, just kidding! :) But I do wish I was going there with them. THEY are even going to the Christmas Party and THEY get to see all the lights. Aren't THEY lucky! (sorry, got carried away again)

Anyway, instead of Cinderella going to the ball she (Alissa) has to clean the bathroom! :( Yuck!!
Got to go off and clean. Maybe my fairy godmother will help me get it done quicker and a magical carriage will transport me to Disney.

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