Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's turn a boring Day UPside Down :)!

Hey Guys!
How ya'll doin??? Today nothing special has happened. Went out to lunch, the store, and the post office. Did school, took a test, and finished math. Overall it has been a pretty boring day. Still ver tired from last night. I stayed up late at the movies watching The Princess and the Frog. I thought the movie was pretty good. Though, it wasn't much like other Disney movies. My family and I LOVE Disney. We are the biggest Disney fanatic family EVER! Hey, I'll tell you all a secret for all those other Disney lovers out there. . .

(hushed whisper) DisneyWorld is planning to tear down toon town and put in 3 more castles each with its own princess in it. Sleeping Beauty's, Prince Eric's, and the Beast's. There are also going to be more restaurants and rides. Yay! :)

Hey! guess what?? I'm not bored anymore! I've turned a boring day UPside down!

See you guys L8R!


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