Friday, October 30, 2009

Artreach Classes

Hi Everybody Readng This!

So today I am here to talk about Artreach classes at my school! I realy love to perform and I take classes with my school to learn how to do just that! I have awesome teachers! One of them is Kaylan Wetzel-Acon who is my dance teacher and choreographer. She is very nice and she performs amazingly at local plays in the area. Another one of my teachers is Nora Whittaker-Jones. She is an amazing friend and voice teacher and she even has her own CD's! She has her own band and gets to perform and just WOW! Here is a link to her website: Check it out! I love taking these amazing classes and I get to go and take art, jazz, and acting. Plus, on Fridays I go and take ballet, voice, and musical theater
See you guys!

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